4 years ago today

May 10, 2019 | Featured, Personal - development

July 31, 2018

4 years ago today, I made a seemingly small decision that would change me in ways I couldn’t even fathom at the time. 

2014, I was still uncomfortable in my own skin, covering myself up at the beach. 

After maternity leave, my husband unexpectedly gave me the luxury of working if I wanted to. After a while, I wasn’t fulfilled as a stay-at-home mom as I thought I should be. 

Though I had precious time with my son, I couldn’t help this underlying feeling of disempowerment, not being able to financially contribute to the household income, and knowing I was somehow meant to give back to the world in bigger ways. 

What’s more, I knew I wanted to return the gift to him: to retire my husband sooner rather than later; for him to choose to work because he WANTED to, not because he HAD to, so he could be there for the kids when he wanted to be, so we could be there for our parents and family when the time came. 

Given all the other options out there, Network Marketing was the only feasible way I knew how to achieve replacing my husband’s income over time, with the flexibility of my “mom” schedule. 

Simultaneously I found a way for me to do a ton of inner healing, find my own inspiration and voice, say yes to opportunities & friendships that stretch me, keep preventative health at the core, submerging myself in an ever-expanding community of supportive people having fun impacting world health. 

I am grateful for all the friendships and connections I have made and will make along the way. ❤️

4 Days out from show

Yesterday I felt like I wanted to die. I didn’t ever want to compete again. Not sure why it sucked so much. Today is pretty rough too.  No amount of caffeine can get me through the day.   It’s hard to imagine life beyond Saturday.  It just seems like total FREEDOM. ...

3 Tips to Overcome Stage Anxiety

Even though Spring 2021 competition season is over, I thought I'd share some of my tips that help me, whether it's for fitness competitions or public speaking, etc.  Save for later when you need it.  Let me know if this was helpful for you!  Follow Wendy On...

Confessions of a Pro Fitness Competitor

I do fitness competitions because I have a hard time staying accountable to myself.  Now that I’m FORTY 😱, I can compete with 40+ year olds, instead of the young gals who don’t have kids 😂.  This process involves overhauling my lazy lifestyle. This sport certainly is...

Falling From a High

“Mommy, did you cry when I was born?” Where did that question come from?  Is it because I cry at most of our family meetings?  Should I tell him the truth? Why wouldn’t I tell him the truth?  “No.  I didn’t cry when you were born.  (Feeling guilty for some odd...

My Journey – April 2012

My journey...April 2012 I was disgusted with myself. My son was almost 2. I was tired, sick, carb-overloaded. I did a detox and became vegetarian. June 2014 my daughter was 1.5 yrs old and there I was again, unhappy with my body. Dreading another detox & also...

Tonight I breathe in peace

Great discussion tonight after a long day in clinic, on the road, open house, and delayed bedtimes. I know I'm not the only one rudely awakened to the adjustment of going back to school, being more adjustment than expected. What a shock to the system... Suddenly...

Powerful people

Loved being surrounded by the power of this movement; all the lives it’s changing – physically and financially….and how much faster we can impact more people just by keeping things SUPER SIMPLE and connecting. What gets me more excited than anything is... Social Media...

Comparison mode has a way of creeping up

Comparison mode has a way of creeping up without me noticing, every so often.I wanted to recognize it so I can acknowledge it and move it aside....Although I thrive on Team for accountability, momentum and excitement in so many areas of my life, there is a fine line...

Constant comparison

Constant comparison. Negative self talk. Thinking everyone else had it together while I was falling apart. Being my worst critic. Focusing on lack. Giving up on myself, my health, my happiness, my dreams since what I was doing wasn’t working. Settling for mediocrity....

My Roots

Social Media FollowfacebookinstagramMy dad’s an acupuncturist. My mom works with him; she’s the bookkeeper and the social glue. They came to America for the opportunity, several decades ago. They have owned their own business for as long as I’ve known...

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