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Nov 25, 2016 | Featured, Personal - development

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4 Days out from show

Yesterday I felt like I wanted to die. I didn’t ever want to compete again. Not sure why it sucked so much. Today is pretty rough too.  No amount of caffeine can get me through the day.   It’s hard to imagine life beyond Saturday.  It just seems...

3 Tips to Overcome Stage Anxiety

Even though Spring 2021 competition season is over, I thought I'd share some of my tips that help me, whether it's for fitness competitions or public speaking, etc.  Save for later when you need it.  Let me know if this was helpful for you!...

Confessions of a Pro Fitness Competitor

I do fitness competitions because I have a hard time staying accountable to myself.  Now that I’m FORTY 😱, I can compete with 40+ year olds, instead of the young gals who don’t have kids 😂.  This process involves overhauling my lazy lifestyle. This...

Falling From a High

“Mommy, did you cry when I was born?” Where did that question come from?  Is it because I cry at most of our family meetings?  Should I tell him the truth? Why wouldn’t I tell him the truth?  “No.  I didn’t cry when you were born.  (Feeling guilty...

My Journey – April 2012

My journey...April 2012 I was disgusted with myself. My son was almost 2. I was tired, sick, carb-overloaded. I did a detox and became vegetarian. June 2014 my daughter was 1.5 yrs old and there I was again, unhappy with my body. Dreading...

Tonight I breathe in peace

Great discussion tonight after a long day in clinic, on the road, open house, and delayed bedtimes. I know I'm not the only one rudely awakened to the adjustment of going back to school, being more adjustment than expected. What a shock to the...

Powerful people

Loved being surrounded by the power of this movement; all the lives it’s changing – physically and financially….and how much faster we can impact more people just by keeping things SUPER SIMPLE and connecting. What gets me more excited than...

Comparison mode has a way of creeping up

Comparison mode has a way of creeping up without me noticing, every so often.I wanted to recognize it so I can acknowledge it and move it aside....Although I thrive on Team for accountability, momentum and excitement in so many areas of my life,...

4 years ago today

July 31, 2018 4 years ago today, I made a seemingly small decision that would change me in ways I couldn’t even fathom at the time.  2014, I was still uncomfortable in my own skin, covering myself up at the beach.  After maternity leave, my husband...

Constant comparison

Constant comparison. Negative self talk. Thinking everyone else had it together while I was falling apart. Being my worst critic. Focusing on lack. Giving up on myself, my health, my happiness, my dreams since what I was doing wasn’t working....

t’s taken me a while to feel ok sharing a post like this. #Truth: I am a network marketing professional. I have hundreds of friends who are too. 

I hadn’t been comfortable sharing this publicly because of the stigma that comes with network marketing (I’ve grown up in the industry: 20+ yrs of it; I’ve heard, seen, and lived through a few things).

What made me take another look was a desire to find purpose, fulfillment, and happiness in my life, which began with a path to gaining #selfconfidence.

2 years ago, I said yes to opening an account with Isagenix with low expectations. When I began getting more results than I expected in terms of my health (and knew thousands of people were also getting long lasting results), I felt I HAD to share with others who were struggling with similar issues.

Over the past few years, I have not only achieved a higher level of #fitness than I thought possible, dove deeper into personal development, and met incredibly inspirational people, but I have been simultaneously creating another stream of income. One that allows me to #dream again. This is what excites me and has stirred a huge passion in my belly (for another post later…).

But wait…money is a taboo topic with so many negative connotations around it, right?: Greed. Self centeredness. Evil. That’s what I thought for a long time.

What if it meant something positive? What if having more money allowed us to have more #choices? What if it allowed families to stay together because they weren’t stressing about bills? What if it allowed parents to stay home with their kids? What if it allowed people to give more to their communities and leave a legacy for their kids and their kids’ kids? What if it brought people together and rewarded people for building each other up rather than tearing each other down? What if it was a way to gain#innerpeace? What would happen if more people were at peace with themselves….?

There are hundreds of network marketing companies out there. Do your due diligence; not

(November 27, 2016)

all companies are socially, economically, or environmentally responsible like Isagenix. I love knowing I’m affiliated with a company that focuses on #values I hold dear to my heart: health, contribution, fun, leadership development, integrity, family, purpose, gratitude, transformation, innovation, goal-driven, and freedom.

Not everyone will join me on this wild adventure, which is totally cool. Be skeptical and ask questions. I was and did too.

#Reality: People every day are choosing to take control of their own health; to meet the next best version of themselves, and some are choosing to change their financial situation as well. If that’s you, pm me “ready for change” and you’ll be invited to our private online community to see what I mean.

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